The Tasting Tool

Begun in early 2016, this tech start up began with an intriguing idea: how do you keep a positive wine tasting experience ( that emotional "Kodak moment”) alive and help connect customers with wineries to make a wine purchase. This idea transitioned into a web site that helps users at the very moment of tasting a wine (at any wine event or wine maker dinner),  supplies a fuller picture about what is being tasted and helps to make it easy to buy it and bring home.  Capturing this concept of "wine love" was central to the identity and the tag line: "To your good taste!". 

"We started from scratch and Daymon worked through a process, from brand architecture to all brand elements, logo, copy, design, site design, fully bringing the brand to life. The end design captured the multiple nuance, nostalgic tone and visual necessity to always pull a smile when people look at our brand. We can’t ask for much more."

- Janet Leduc, co-founder,


Brand Strategy 

Brand Materials