Purple Star

Purple Star Wines began with a few simple ideas:  wine should be fun, easy to enjoy with family / friends and good enough to enjoy everyday without worrying about price. In their words:  "Our philosophy is that wine should be accessible, approachable, and affordable. But most of all, we believe a wine’s purpose is to bring together family and friends!"  The packaging design needed to reflect these ideas and provide a label system that could be flexible and work across reds, whites and rosé. The star cut out (used on many of the labels) puts the focus on the wine inside the bottle as the "star" of the show.  

"We began working with Daymon during the inception of our winery. He helped us develop a multitiered branding program. His enthusiasm and professionalism are only matched by his creative vision. "

- Kyle and Amy Johnson, Proprietors 



Brand Development 


Packaging Design

Brand Materials