DS-IQ Technology

A leader in predictive shopping technology, DS-IQ has been helping Walmart for the past 10 years to create a unique marketing system that utilizes the power of context. In 2014, I worked with DS-IQ to brand their technology platform and bring it to market  - helping to illustrate how context can redefine target audiences in an ever increasing dynamic world of shopping. The work has resulted in a new brand platform and the trademarking of a new market category (One-to-Best Marketing) and places DS-IQ as the leader in this exciting landscape.  A new web site as well as a wide variety of marketing materials that showcase their new tag line:
"Power to the Moment."

"Full of energy and ideas, Daymon was a terrific thought partner and brand architect. Collaborative by nature, he brought fresh, flexible thinking to the table every day while working within our (sometimes grey) constraints. He welcomed and built upon other perspectives, but wasn't afraid to push back on ideas that didn't meet the bar." 

- Dave Behn, Vice President, Product Marketing and Services at DS-IQ

Brand Strategy 

Brand Materials