Coho Web

Technology Evolution Partners - this brand descriptor addresses the ever changing range of  technology that business need in order to grow and compete. COHO is the partner to help make these evolutionary changes - at every growth stage of business and with every advent of new technology. Whatever “IT” is that a client needs - COHO delivers a solution that is built to work FOR them - a powerful tool for business and a solution that is designed to perform beyond expectations. The connection to the word "coho" came from the partners love of the Pacific Northwest as well as fishing for the famed Coho salmon. 

"Daymon Bruck is our go-to creative partner on many of our web site projects. We’ve had many collaborations and each time his ability to help clients though the creative challenges of digital design (UX and UI)  has made the projects extremely successful.  We have also trusted him with our own rebranding for Coho Web in 2017.”

- Rex McDowell, Partner and Co-Founder, Coho Web


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